05 November 2010

It's a big month for Unallocated Space

As many of you know, I am one of the members of Unallocated Space, a new hackerspace in central Maryland.  I've talked a little about it on Twitter, but I haven't blogged about it yet so I wanted to hit on a few points since this is an absolutely huge month for us:

  • We just moved in and we are open for business!  We have an awesome ~1,600 sqft space in Severn, Maryland and we're filling it up fast  We're still getting organized, so please pardon the mess, but we're moving forward.  We don't have "regular" hours yet, but there are keyholders at the space most days and we're more than happy to open it up if you want to drop by.
  • We are in the midst of a 45-day Kickstarter project to raise funds for building out our space.  First and foremost among our build-out projects is the construction of a loft which will significantly increase the amount of space available to us. This will allow us to grow as we expand within the community.  We've already reached our initial goal of $3K in less than three weeks, but we're shooting for more now.  So please feel free to check out the project page and consider contributing.
  • We have three people speaking tomorrow at SecurityBSidesDelaware: Brian Baskin ("P2P Forensics: Your Admin Knows Your Porn Habits"), Dave Marcus ("Social Engineering and Target Profiling with 100% Accuracy Using Social Media and OSINT"), and myself ("How to Pwn an ISP in 10 Minutes or Less (without really trying)").  The abstracts for our talks are here.  If you have any questions at all about Unallocated Space, or are interested in donating or contributing to our Kickstarter project, come find us and let us know!
  • Finally, last but certainly not least: we will be hosting a Grand Opening Party on Saturday, November 13th; so please show up and lend us your support.  It will a great time, no doubt!
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