02 November 2010

Some very early turnout numbers (from one single precinct)

In the precinct I was working today (registration is 43.7R, 41.5D, 14.8O), 38.7% of Republicans and 37.6% of Democrats had turned out as of 4PM.  It is impossible to know how many people in this precinct voted early because the state doesn't break down numbers that far.  Projecting the rest of the day, this looks like about 62% for Republicans and 60% for Democrats.  When you add in the percentages for early voting (~2.5% for each party), this comes pretty close, but slightly lower, than the numbers I projected county-wide.

I had heard some stories of lines at other polling places, but the precinct I was working was slow but steady.  It was picking up as I left just after 4PM.
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