11 August 2013

No, AT&T is not charging customers a Lawful Interception Recovery Fee

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I guess they don't tap my phone because this isn't on my AT&T statement (I just checked). What is $0.61 for? It's not even lined up correctly. Five line items, six charges? Bad math? Also, why is everyone across the entire Internet posting the same image? If they're doing this to everyone, why isn't everyone posting their own respective phone bills? Looks like bad photoshop to me. If there is evidence out there to prove me wrong, please share and I'll be the first one to admit I was wrong. Until then, I call fake.

Edited to add (8/11/13): Even if this is a legitimate, CALEA-based lawful intercept fee, that doesn't make it "NSA"-related. Two very different things.

Update (8/12/13): Nearly 10,000 people have viewed this post in the last 24 hours!

Update (8/12/13): Snopes has now this as false. They contacted AT&T who confirmed as much.

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