28 August 2014

2014 Philadelphia Eagles projected 53-man roster (FINAL)

Last updated: Aug 28 2014

QB (3): Foles, Sanchez, Barkley
RB (4): McCoy, Sproles, Polk, Tucker, Barner
WR (6): Maclin, Cooper, Matthews, Huff, Smith, Maehl
TE (3): Celek, Ertz, Casey
C (2): Kelce, Vandervelde (back surgery), Molk
G (3): Mathis, Herremans, Kelly
T (3): Peters, Barbre, Tobin (L. Johnson/susp does not count against 53-man roster)

DL (7): Thorton, Logan, Cox, Curry, Hart, Square, Allen, Bair
LB (9): Barwin, Kendricks, Ryan, Cole, Smith, Graham, Goode, Braman, Acho
CB (5): Fletcher, Williams, Boykin, Carroll, Watkins
S: (5) Allen, Jenkins, Wolff, Maragos, Reynolds

P: Jones
PK: Henery Parkey
LS: Dorenbos


Aug 28 2014: Bubble player who will make the team. These players are likely to make the team according to my projections, but if I am wrong it would likely be one or more of these who get cut:

RB Barner (Barner/Josey is a coin flip; see below.)
WR Maehl
DL Allen
LB Acho
S Reynolds

Bubble players/toughest cuts: These players are not likely to make the team according to my projections, but if I am wrong it will most likely be one or more of these who make the cut:

RBs Polk/Josey (Polk has been injured; please let me be wrong about Josey.)
WR Benn (Maehl/Benn is a coin flip; both have shown ability to contribute on special teams.)
TE Burton (a 4th TE and in place of a 6th WR like Maehl? He'd have to contribute on special teams.)
T Gardner (and even if he makes the team, he might not last long when Lane Johnson comes off suspension.)
DL Square
LB Long

Aug 27 2014: Rosters are now down to 75 spots with the final cut to 53 coming by Saturday. There have been no real surprises thus far, except for the fact that Curtis Marsh and Roc Carmichael are still on the team. However, they're probably just on the roster until Saturday (or sooner) as bodies for Thursday night's game. Some expected that DE Joe Kruger might last longer, but he did not. Fortunately for Kruger, he'll get another look with the Chargers.

The one of the biggest battles remains at RB. Only McCoy and Sproles are guarantees at this point. Polk, Tucker, Barner and Josey all have a chance at the third spot (or a fourth spot if the Eagles keep four RBs as I have projected). Polk has been injured for almost all of camp. Tucker and Josey have shown nice bursts in pre-season games. Barner was just added last week but played for Chip Kelly at Oregon.

Lastly I added a big question mark behind Alex Henery. I still have him as the presumptive kicker but his job is definitely on the line.

Aug 15 2014: Backup center Julian Vandervelde recently had back surgery. There is no timetable for his return, but it seems unlikely he would be on the opening game roster. David Molk will benefit from Vandervelde's injury. No other changes in the last ten days.

Aug 5 2014: The most likely player on my projected final roster that may not actually make the final roster is RB Matthew Tucker. If the Eagles only take 3 RBs, Tucker would be the casualty.

If Tucker gets cut, I'd expect his spot to be replaced with an additional offensive lineman or defensive lineman. Offensive line additions could be David Molk (who might replace Vandervelde) or Andrew Gardner. Backup offensive linemen is definitely a weak spot.

I'd love to find spots for WR/TE Trey Burton, RB Henry Josey, and DE Alejandro Villanueva but they'll probably end up on the practice squad.
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