20 July 2006

Alf, books, and more

This is our dog Alf, who is a Pomeranian. Despite the fact that he looks cute, he can be quite the terror sometimes!

As I expected I easily finished the Paul Reiser book last night. As I said yesterday, it is a very funny book and definitely worth the read for expecting fathers!

I immediately reached for the next book in my queue (yes, I get about 2-3 books each time I go to MWR to to cut down on the trips, and I can't resist taking just one book when there are more to go around!). The current entry is John Grisham's The Broker. While it seems a good book so far (and I've enjoyed his previous books), it clearly doesn't have the detail and character development that I've come to expect from reading Tom Clancy. It is a quick read though, and I expect it'll only be a couple of days for this one.

The heatwave across the U.S. the last week is newsworthy in the states, but the temperatures here sure don't make the news! The last week or so has been increasingly hot, such that the temperatures are now regularly in the 120s and apparently reached 130 a couple of times. Fortunately its been so hot for so many weeks now that the increase in temperature is somewhat bareable!
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