21 April 2013

Boston bombing roundup

This is a summary of the various posts I've put together on the Boston bombings and follow-on events this week.

This is a brief discussion of the initial bombing as a state or federal crime. Here is a follow-up to that post that identifies 18 USC § 2332a (Use of weapons of mass destruction) as the most likely top federal charge in the case (which carries the death penalty). EDIT: The criminal complaint is here; and § 2332a is indeed the top charge.

This is a brief summary of one woman's account of how the fear of the bombing has impacted her.

The Officer Down Memorial Page for MIT Patrol Officer Sean Collier is here.

Here is a brief summary of exigent circumstances, as seen after the assassination of RFK.

The case that gave birth to the "public safety exception" to Miranda is New York v. Quarles, 467 U.S. 649 (1984). The FBI's description of the public safety exception is here. Some analysis with particular relevance to this case is here. EDIT: The transcript of the suspect's initial appearance is here.

At 8:42 PM on Friday night, I reported the suspect in custody and reposted it here.

There is also imagery associated with these events: thermal imaging used in the final minutes (with raw video here), and the moment of capture, and the capture as announced via the scoreboard from the Reds/Marlins game.

Outside links of interest are Orin Kerr's posts on House-to-House Searches and the Fourth Amendment and Tsarnaev and Miranda Rights.

Facial recognition software didn't help identify the Boston suspects, even though images of both were in databases.

Reddit's involvement in trying to crowdsource the case are discussed here (from the perspective of the sister of a misidentified suspect) and here (discussing Reddit's impact on the FBI's official investigation).

Here's a video that seems to blur the line at when a consentual search takes place.

Finally, my post on the shortcomings of citizen journalism.
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